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Track your metrics, the right way

Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Salesforce
Bot for Slack

Built on top of tools you already use:

Smart Alerts about spikes in your data​

Be notified before losing money.

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Schedule Reports in Chat and Web

Reports sent to any #channel

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Do data analysis
in Slack

Easier than asking your colleague

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>16, 000

teams use Statsbot

50 000

reports sent weekly


of saved money for our customers

Statsbot helps
to be aware of data

"As far as bots go too, this one is one of the more actually useful ones. Excited to see what you guys will be doing in the future!"

Jack McGrath
UX / Digital Designer @ Oomph HQ

My new favourite slackbot just arrived. Connect your #mixpanel, #googleanalytics or #newrelic account and just ask.

Mobile UX Designer @ 3beards

Just found @statsbotco for @SlackHQ. So dope! Quickly receiving data reports over Slack commands? Yes please!

Daniel Shalinsky
Account Strategist @ QuietlyContent

"If you’re not running @statsbotco then you are living in the PAST MAN, LIVE IN THE NOW."

Benjamin Southworth
Co-Founder @ 3beards

...and it's mutual

Ready to be data-driven?


Features you get:

  • — Smart Alerts about spikes in your data
  • — Schedule analytical reports to Slack
  • — Ask analytical questions in Slack
  • — Mixpanel, Google Analytics and Salesforce support
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