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New Integration: Statsbot + Hangouts Chat

Get you data analytics into a new communication platform

Author avatarLuba Belokon/Product/February 28, 2018
New Integration: Statsbot + Hangouts Chat
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Today, G Suite announced the roll out of Hangouts Chat – an intelligent and secure collaboration tool on G Suite built to bring teams together. This means Statsbot is now available on one more team communication platform!

For some time, we’ve been preparing the Statsbot integration with Chat. We can now finally share the results with you! Add Statsbot to your work chat and ask about your data in a natural way, thanks to our NLP engine.

As with Slack and Microsoft Teams, you can ask Statsbot any question about your metrics from a variety of data sources, such as SQL, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Salesforce, and Stripe.

Look how easy it is:

You can simply query your database as well:

How do you add Statsbot to your Chat?

First, launch Chat and click the search panel on the left. Choose whether you want to message to Statsbot in a private channel, or create a conversation room with your team and Statsbot.

Type "Statsbot" in the search field to find us quickly.

Follow the connection link and further instructions.

That’s all! You’re ready to start a data-driven team communication with Statsbot and Chat integration! Reach out to us if you have questions, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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by Luba Belokon on February 28, 2018