Cloud BI

Get a complete cloud-based business intelligence platform for analytical insights. No need for hardware or IT involvement – we’re taking over all technical implementation.

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SQL Editor

Simply define business metrics once and explain how tables relate to each other. Then, Statsbot will write the right SQL to answer any data questions.


Get a comprehensive view on a business growth, keeping the most critical reports in one place. Make analytics accessible for everyone in the team.


Request complex metrics, using groups, filters, and drill downs. Drill as deep as you need, visualizing categorical data about your customers.

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

Data Merge

AI over BI

Custom Reports

Combine metrics and their properties you care about the most in the single report, even from different data sources.


We provide top-level security for you data to keep your sensitive information entirely safe. We can never see your numbers unless you let us to.

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