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How Elegran Real Estate automated analytics reporting with one single solution

company Technology-powered real estate firm Elegran leverages a data-driven marketing platform to become industry leaders in New York City real estate.

employees 80-100 people

industry Real Estate, Technology

customer since April 2016

reports delivered by Statsbot 700 reports delivered in Slack

Reporting routine with scheduled reports


Once upon a time, Elegran Real Estate painstakingly exported numerous data sets, compiled statistics in Excel, then built graphs and charts to demonstrate anything from website performance to marketing ROI to sales performance. As a data-driven firm, using a variety of analytical tools and platforms brought the team to a stage where creating reports started taking a significant amount of time.

They were looking for some good ol’ AI to automate the manual labor of gathering and running reports from different analytics platforms.


With Statsbot, Elegran Real Estate set up scheduled reports for nearly every member of their team. Now they receive weekly reports about website metrics and funnels first thing Monday morning. This allows them to spend less time running reports, and more time building intelligent marketing strategies.

“Statsbot has become an extra data scientist working for me, automating and centralizing reporting in Slack for my entire team, providing high-level insight about engagement and our marketing and sales funnels.”

“Statsbot provides both a high-level perspective and a granular view of Elegran’s entire marketing strategy from within a single platform.”

[**Tigh Loughhead**](, Marketing Director at Elegran Real Estate

Tigh Loughhead, Marketing Director at Elegran Real Estate

Alerts about important changes right in Slack


Elegran Real Estate wanted to respond better and more rapidly to customers so as to not lose money because of response time. They needed a tool to retrieve analytics notifications into the best place for business decisions – a work chat.


Using Statsbot, Elegran’s sales team and management receive alerts immediately in Slack when a deal is closed, and the development and analyst teams are notified in real time when traffic or goals cross a certain threshold. This collective insight provides high-level intelligence about the health of the business, without having to reference thousands of different data points manually.

“Now, I just get notifications and reports from a chatbot. By using simple text commands in Slack channels, I can set up smart alerts on the most critical metrics, or generate bar graphs and pie charts about anything from ‘lead intake by web source’ to ‘revenue by sales rep’ – and share that information directly with team members.” – Tigh Loughhead, Marketing Director at Elegran Real Estate.

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