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MapTrack uses SQL and Stripe integrations at Statsbot to automate invoices and keep track of their financial metrics

company MapTrack allows you to see how your brand moves through markets, by showing you where exactly people are when they come to your website. Clients can see their website audience, down to street address.

employees 10-20 people

industry SaaS

customer since June 2016

location Houston, TX

Saving costs by eliminating in-house development


MapTrack’s pricing model works per pageviews made by client’s audience, and Business tariff is 3 USD per 1000 pageviews. This data is being stored in DB and needs to be tracked as it’s a key metric. It has also been used for invoicing purposes.

Company was going to implement in-house solution to track number of pageviews per client and planned to invest nearly 6 weeks for development.


When MapTrack discovered that Statsbot can visualize data from DB with SQL integration, they requested a demo and found this solution to be worth trying. After a quick same day configuration, MapTrack was able to pull necessary reports in a matter of seconds.

“Statsbot = time saver. Time saved with development, time saved with sharing info. We love the SQL integration, because it gives us a chance to report our KPIs. We were going to develop this in house. But compared to your product, it would have totally sucked.”

“Statsbot helps keep reporting and KPIs top of mind. Being CEO and juggling a million things, it is easy to push it off to next week, but when dynamic reports are delivered to a slack channel, it is a reminder to keep the number in mind.”

**Hunter Stevens**, CEO at MapTrack

Hunter Stevens, CEO at MapTrack

Tracking financial metrics in a work chat


MapTrack uses Stripe for handling payments and many SaaS businesses need to track metrics such as MRR, ARR, and Net Revenue. Company was using a third party service with dashboard and email reports notifications, but it was still hard to share metrics across the team.


With Statsbot, MapTrack gets the same amount of value, plus reports being delivered in Slack. “With my job as CEO, sales is my number one priority. It’s kind of annoying to go over the reports with the team at odd hours of the night since our team is scattered all over the world and we aim to keep our numbers transparent across the entire team. With Statsbot being in Slack, it is not an issue anymore - we throw the reports in a channel, and everyone is happy! WIN ALL AROUND.”

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