Dashboards Overview

The dashboard is Statsbot's central reporting tool and serves as the main platform used for displaying charts.

To create a new dashboard, head over to the Dashboards in the top menu. Click the New Dashboard button at the top right corner.

Changing the dashboard name can be done directly where the name is displayed.

Dashboards can also be renamed from the Settings tab of the Dashboard Preferences. To open Dashboard Preferences click either on Setting menu on the Dashboard page or dots icon in the dashboards list.

The dashboard is made of small grid squares that span a lattice on the page. Charts are autofitted to grid squares to provide the best view for sizing and organization. Grid squares appear when resizing a chart to help guide the user.

Charts can be resized directly on the dashboard by dragging and dropping the bottom right corner of the charts. Charts will lock to underlying grid squares.

To rearrange the ordering of charts, simply hover over the title area of the chart for the drag icon to appear, and charts can be moved and pushed around the dashboard.

If a dashboard is no longer needed, it can be deleted from the dashboard settings menu: