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Automated Reporting

With access to too many applications, it is impossible to monitor every metric, all the time, or to see significant correlations in metrics across data sources.

Automated reporting delivers a set of actionable information to users on selected schedule.

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Smart Alerts

Empower your team with smart alerting. Statsbot examines patterns in data, using machine learning and anomaly detection.

We point out which findings are important to examine without requiring you to build mathematical models.

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Statsbot is
designed for

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Stop losing money on your paid marketing campaigns when something goes wrong. Be notified.

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If you place an ad on your site or in app, Statsbot will help you monetize it by tracking active users' behavior.

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Sales Leaders

When you're busy, summary of the key sales metrics is delivered to you in Slack right on time.

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If you’re not using Statsbot, you're living in the past. Live in the now.