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  • 5 users
  • 50 scheduled report messages/mo
  • Unlimited number of GA profiles and SQL databases
  • 100K Database rows
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Slack integration

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$45 / month


  • 10 users included, up to 200
  • 100 scheduled report messages/mo included
  • 150K database rows included, up to 10M
  • Unlimited number of GA profiles and SQL databases
  • Public dashboards
  • Roles and permissions


Bring analytics in your organization to the next level with unlimited features. Our data team will support you along the way.

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  • Dedicated Data Analyst
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited number of GA profiles and SQL databases
  • Public dashboards
  • Roles and permissions
Features Enterprise Pay As You Go     Free    
Number of Users 10 - 200 5
Scheduled Reports 100 - 50 / month
Integrations GA and SQL GA and SQL GA and SQL
SQL Data Rows 150K - 10M rows 100K rows
Actionable add-ons
Public Dashboards -
Roles and Permissions -
Dashboards and Charts Embedding -
Data Set Change Streams -
Smart Alerts -
Goals -
Custom Segments and Dimensions for Google Analytics -
Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Data Analyst - -
OEM solutions - -

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free forever?

Yes, you can use Statsbot on a free forever plan as long as you have up to 5 users and up to 100K rows of analyzed data in your SQL database. In both cases, you will be notified when you hit the limit of the free plan, but there will be no charges within these parameters. We don’t even require a card when you sign up.

What does the 100K limit for SQL database mean?

Let’s pretend you have a total of 1 million rows of data in your database. You also have a table named Usersin your database and it has only 50K rows of data. If you select that table in Statsbot you fit into a free plan as the volume of analyzed data is only 50K rows. You can add more table(s) up until the total amount of rows selected hits 100K.

What does actionable add-ons mean?

There are various integrations that allow you to run your business more efficiently right in Statsbot. For example, you can create a task in Asana, add comments for your team, and attach a report from Statsbot. We are working on additional adding some more add-ons, so if you have any use cases that you’d like to share with us, please send us a message in support chat.