Sunsetting Statsbot

Dear friends,

The time has come for us to sunset Statsbot. Starting June 2021 Statsbot will stop accepting new registrations. We’ll keep the service running during the 2021 to let existing customers migrate to a different solution.

We want to express our gratitude to all of our amazing customers. Statsbot started as a side project in 2016 and grew into a product that served more than 50,000 companies around the world. But over time, we realized that Cube.js, the engine we built to power Statsbot, is more valuable on its own. We have been having a lot of requests from our users to use Cube.js to power their own applications. It led us to open-sourcing it in March 2019. After that, It started to be quickly adopted by thousands of companies around the world.

Being a small company, it is hard for us to develop and maintain multiple products. That’s why we’re making a hard decision to stop supporting Statsbot to be able to fully focus on the future of Cube.js.

We’ll keep the Statsbot running for 2021 and will release security and stability fixes. We’re also happy to help you migrate from Statsbot service to a different product or Cube.js based solution. For native Google Analytics integration with Slack you can consider other tools, such as Narrative BI. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

Thank you for using Statsbot!