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An entirely new approach to SQL analytics

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Self-Serve Data Exploration

With Statsbot your entire organization can benefit from the knowledge of the SQL programmer. Users in any function can create simple or complex queries on the fly—without having to write SQL queries from scratch—accessing the data they need in real time, and collaborating on the discovery of critical business information.

“Within 3 weeks of using the product we found an insight that paid for their entire year’s fees. We have unlimited dashboards, scheduled reports, Slack alerts when data hits outliers and query our Redshift database using NLP.”

Nick Miller, CEO at Teach Me 2

Smart Notifications

You can’t keep an eye on your metrics every minute to detect suspicious changes over time. Let Statsbot learn from your data and notify you when something happens so that you can take immediate action. Also, you can get notifications to know how your activities correlate to your business goals.

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Data-driven collaboration

Get your Google Analytics, Mixpanel, SQL and other data right in Slack. Share your data insights with the whole team, partners, or investors directly in the work chat.

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Security is our highest priority. Our success depends on it.

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