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Focus on important changes

Statsbot examines patterns in data using machine learning and anomaly detection. We point out which findings are important to investigate without requiring you to build mathematical models.

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Explore your data for insights

Request complex metrics from several data sources, or get predictive analytics for your key metrics. It’s never been so easy to identify factors that impact customers’ engagement and revenue.

How to get insights

“Statsbot helps keep reporting and KPIs top of mind. Being CEO and juggling a million things, it is easy to push it off to next week, but when dynamic reports are delivered to a slack channel, it is a reminder to keep the numbers in mind.”


Hunter Stevens, CEO at MapTrack

Scheduled reports

You can get daily, weekly, or monthly reports any time you wish. Receive comparative analysis regarding web metrics and funnels before you even walk into the office.

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Data-driven collaboration

Get your Google Analytics, Mixpanel, SQL and other data right in Slack. Share your data insights with the whole team, partners, or investors directly in the work chat.

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