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Stop refreshing your dashboards and let Statsbot track data for you. Focus on what really matters.

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Consistent data understanding

Provide a single language of data communication across teams, so that every department can track the right metrics in the right way.

Proactive analytics

People are overloaded with data. Build your company workflows around automated triggers based on what happens instead of asking employees to check your KPIs.

Data access for everyone

Let employees start to answer important data questions on their own, by just typing them right away in Slack or in the Statsbot search bar.

Ad-hoc Insights

Statsbot allows you to deeply investigate your data by using the Insights tool when needed. Smart notifications have links to your Insights, providing a warm start to your analysis.

Single access point

Use Insights tool for any data source you have. Easily manage access control for teams by bringing all the data in one place.

For non-tech people

Statsbot makes data accessible to a wider range of people within an organization by allowing them to ask questions in natural way.

“Within 3 weeks of using the product we found an insight that paid for their entire year’s fees. We have unlimited dashboards, scheduled reports, Slack alerts when data hits outliers and query our Redshift database using NLP.”

Nick Miller, CEO at Teach Me 2

Advanced data sharing

Spread data usage to more than just a handful of users on the team. Statsbot allows every department to easily get insights out of any data source with just one tool.

Smart notifications

You can’t keep an eye on your metrics every minute to detect suspicious changes over time. Let Statsbot learn from your data and notify you when something happens so that you can take immediate action.

Security at it’s finest

We take security extremely seriously at Statsbot. That’s why we’ve built a cloud security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best standards.

Choose your data source

You can connect Statsbot to different data sources such as SQL, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Stripe, and Salesforce. It only takes 4 minutes.

We help companies build data culture.

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