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How It Works

Statsbot is a business intelligence platform that allows users to pull metrics from various data sources, including Google Analytics, Stripe, and the most popular SQL databases, such as Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery, and all major SQL databases. With game-changing features like natural language access to your data, Statsbot transforms the way users experience and interact with their data.

Easy Dashboarding

Create beautiful, blazingly fast, interactive dashboards for every part of your business.

With Statsbot, you’ll have an easy access to rich visualizations anytime from any device. Dashboards and reports are 100% interactive, which gives users the ability to drill down and explore data in details.

Sharing & Embedding

You can distribute your latests insights with your whole team quick and easy. Invite as many team member as you want with unlimited users, and share your insights and dashboards.

Statsbot has the world’s best Slack support for data discovery. Easly share charts and dashboards, and schedule notifications to your Slack team.

Fast Implementation

The Statsbot is a web-based complete suite of BI software that can be implemented in several hours, instead of weeks or months. With free version of Statsbot, you will be able to create dashboards and notifications, and share insights 10 minutes after the signup.

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