SQL Analytics.
Fast Deployment.
For Free.

Connect your database, let Statsbot generate data relationships from your database automatically, and get your first insights in a matter of minutes.

Bring All Data into One Place

Statsbot works with terabytes of raw data from hundreds of data sources. You don’t need to optimize or transform data beforehand.

Transformation Engine

Define your transformations using SQL and Javascript. No need to learn proprietary languages or navigate complex interfaces.

Designed to Work with Big Data

Data storage is cheap, but querying data is expensive. Statsbot makes your queries cost effective using a pre-aggregations layer on top of your data.

How Statsbot Works

Statsbot is designed to work with raw data stored in modern data warehouses. It not only queries and transforms data on the fly, it also does background jobs to optimize and pre-aggregate heavy calculations.

“For us, Statsbot proved to be the right balance of power and ease of use. It was adopted quickly by the non-technical members of our team. The onboarding and ongoing customer support has been like nothing I’ve experienced before.”


Nick Boyce, E-Commerce Director at King & McGaw

50 Times Faster Reports

By utilizing a transformation layer, Statsbot pre-aggregates heavy queries in the background. It makes even very complicated reports load blazingly fast.

Security at its finest

We take security extremely seriously at Statsbot. That’s why we’ve built a cloud security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best standards.

Connect Any Data Source for Free

Google Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Postgres, Google BigQuery, MySQL, Snowflake, Presto, Vertica, SQL Server, and many more.